Title: Overcoming Implicit Bias in the Dental Research Workforce

In 2017, the AADR Council voted to create the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion to address underrepresentation of racial/ethnic minorities, women and persons with disabilities in AADR and the dental, oral and craniofacial workforce. Diversity and inclusion of these groups in the research workforce is crucial for the advancement and excellence of oral health science and the practice of dentistry. The dental research community, especially those in training and mentorship roles, must work to develop and utilize all members of the research workforce talent pool. The causes of underrepresentation in the research workforce are multifactorial. One of these causes is implicit (or unconscious) bias. Implicit bias can impact hiring, grant review, training, mentoring and other important aspects of research and workforce development. In order to remedy the problem of underrepresentation, we must address implicit bias.
This hands-on workshop will be targeted towards those in leadership positions in dental research, such as research deans, research department heads and mentors. This hands-on workshop will include one speaker, an interactive, experiential portion and time for questions and comments.

Invited Speaker
Janetta Lun, Ph.D.: Dr. Lun will represent the Office of Scientific Workforce Diversity (OSWD) at the NIH and have indicated their willingness and availability to participate. Dr. Lun are behavioral scientists with experience with implicit bias training and interventions. Dr. Lun will present on topics to inform and help HOW participants in: 1) understanding the evidence behind why diversity is important to research excellence; 2) understanding and recognizing implicit bias with the use of demonstrations; 3) understanding and practicing strategies called “bias interrupters” for overcoming implicit bias and 4) provide time for response and discussion with the audience.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand importance of diversity in the dental research workforce
  • Understand data on underrepresented groups in dental research
  • Understand, explain and recognize implicit bias and strategies for overcoming implicit bias
Sponsoring Group/Network