Title: 0862 - Keynote Address: The Role of Infection and Disinfection in Dental Pulp Regeneration


Ashraf Fouad (Presenter)
University of North Carolina


Abstract Body: Bacterial infection has been shown to play a critical role in pulp degeneration and regeneration. Residual infection may impede pulp regeneration. The minimal bacterial load or virulence that would limit regenerative responses are not known. Furthermore, the persistence of microbial factors and the use of certain antimicrobial regimens may be conducive to reparative rather than regenerative responses in the dental pulp. Recent data have underscored the critical role that residual infection may play in the outcome of regenerative procedures. Ongoing research characterizes the nature and susceptibility of residual bacteria, the effectiveness of antimicrobial protocols and explores strategies for prolonged antimicrobial activity during the regenerative process. This presentation will outline these issues, report recent findings and analyses, and propose future research directions in this area.

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