Title: 1733 - Evaluation of Curved Design Soft-Picks on Patients With Gingivitis


Antonio Moretti (Presenter)
University of North Carolina

Shaoping Zhang, University of North Carolina
ST Phillips, University of North Carolina
Kristy Williams, University of North Carolina
Kevin Moss, University of North Carolina
Steven Offenbacher, University of North Carolina
Akane Takemura, Sunstar Americas, Inc.


Objectives: To evaluate the effectiveness of Curved Soft-Picks compared with Glide Floss in the reduction of gingivitis and plaque.

Methods: This was a 4-week, examiner-masked, parallel group, controlled clinical study with 50 participants. Clinical parameters were: Gingival Index (UNC-GI), Bleeding on Probing (BOP), Probing Depth (PD) and Modified QH Plaque Index (PI). Qualified participants with gingivitis (no site with PD >4 mm, BOP ≥10% but ≤50%) were eligible for the study enrollment. More than three weeks after prophylaxis, participants were randomly assigned one of 2 groups: (1) GUM® Soft-Picks® Advance or (2) Glide® Pro-Health Floss Original. Participants used assigned device once daily for four weeks. Clinical parameters were obtained at 2 and 4 weeks after the start of the study. All participants scored their level of product familiarity, satisfaction and motivation for interdental cleaning with the assigned device in a diary.

Results: There were no statistically significant differences between two groups in changes from baseline to 2 or 4 weeks in UNC-GI, BOP%, and PI. However, Soft-Picks group showed greater reduction of PD at 4 weeks from baseline compared with Floss group (p<0.05).
Soft-Picks group showed overall better compliance level than Floss group. Regarding qualitative information, the mean score of “ease of use” during the study period of Soft-Picks group was significantly greater than that of Floss group. On the other hand, Floss group showed better “satisfaction” than Soft-Picks group. Motivation for interdental cleaning was higher in Soft-Picks group than Floss group.

Conclusions: Curved Soft-Picks was similar to Glide Floss in clinical effectiveness; however, PD reduction at 4 weeks was greater in Soft-Picks group than that of Floss group. The ease of use of Soft-Picks may have affected the participants’ motivation for interdental cleaning every day, which resulted in better compliance with Soft-Picks than Glide Floss.

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Sunstar Americas, Inc.

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