Title: 0365 - Established Periodontitis Acclerates Onset of Osteonecrosis of the Jaw


Jonathan Messer (Presenter)
University of Florida

Jose Aguirre, University of Florida
Jessica Jiron, University of Florida
Evelyn Castillo, University of Florida
Jorge Mendieta-Calle, University of Florida
Indraneel Bhattacharyya, University of Florida
Catherine Van Poznak, University of Michigan
Donald Kimmel, Kimmel Consulting Services


Objectives: Zoledronate (ZOL) is associated with medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw (MRONJ). Periodontitis (PD) is a risk factor for MRONJ development. We previously established a dose relationship between ZOL and MRONJ in rice rats (Oryzymus palustris), an animal that develops age-related PD, when ZOL is begun at age 4-wks. We hypothesize that starting ZOL after mild to moderate PD is established (age 16 or 22 wks) accelerates MRONJ onset, compared to starting ZOL before PD is established (age 4 wks).

Methods: Rats ate standard (N=183, STD) or high-sucrose-casein (N=192, HSC) diet to induce either localized food-impaction-associated, or generalized PD, respectively. Then, rats were given 0 or 80µg/kg intravenous ZOL monthly, starting at ages 4- (no PD), 16- (mild PD), or 22-wks (moderate PD). 80µg/kg ZOL is the rat equivalent of the human ZOL oncology dose. Rats were necropsied after 6, 12, or 18 weeks (N=12-17/grp) of ZOL. High-resolution photos of all jaw quadrants were examined by three blinded observers to diagnose gross MRONJ. Histopathological analysis of lesions is underway.

Results: Starting ZOL in rats without PD (4-wks) caused 0,17, and 0% MRONJ prevalence in HSC rats after 6,12, and 18-wks ZOL; and 25% and 50% MRONJ prevalence in STD rats after 12 and 18 wks, respectively. Initiating ZOL in rats with mild PD (16-wks) caused 75% and 13% MRONJ prevalence in HSC rats after 6 and 12 wks; and 31% and 27% MRONJ prevalence in STD rats after 6 and 12 wks, respectively. Starting ZOL in rats with moderate PD (age 22-wks) caused 0% and 29% MRONJ prevalence in HSC rats after 6 and 12 wks; and MRONJ prevalence of 19% and 33% in STD rats after 6 and 12 weeks, respectively

Conclusions: Initiating ZOL in rice rats with established mild/moderate PD accelerates onset of MRONJ.

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