Title: 1429 - Clinical and Radiographic Outcomes of Regenerative Endodontic Procedures


Dani Fox (Presenter)
UNC School of Dentistry

Gyu Park, NYU College of Dentistry
Marie Mora, NYU College of Dentistry
Sharon Casey, NYU College of Dentistry
Wilson Duong, NYU College of Dentistry
Natasha Flake, University of Washington
Asma Khan, UNC School of Dentistry
Jennifer Gibbs, New York University


Objectives: To present results from a multi-centered retrospective cohort study comparing the clinical and radiographic outcomes of apexification treatment (APEX) to regenerative procedures (REP).

Methods: A comprehensive chart review was completed to identify a retrospective cohort of subjects with teeth with open apices that received either REP or APEX treatments between 2005-2014, at 3 study sites. After meeting eligibility and minimal treatment quality criteria data, including radiographs, were collected from eligible cases with an available 3-month or greater recall visit.

Results: A total of 210 cases met eligibility requirement for the study (93 REP, 87 MTA APEX, 30 CaOH2 APEX), with an average follow up of 32 months. The success rate of all APEX cases was 94% and REP was 84%. The use of CaOH2 as the interim medicament was associated with reinfection in cases treated with REP. There was great variability in the change in radiographic root area (RRA) in REP cases, with the average change being 10%. Predictors of successful root development after RRE will be presented.

Conclusions: REPs have a fairly high clinical success rate, but the accomplishment of clinically meaningful continued root development is not predictable.

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