Title: Pulp Vascularization in Pathology and Regeneration

This session will be recorded and avaliable in the IADR/ADR Knowledge Community after the meeting. 

Recent findings have expanded the understanding of the differentiation potential of dental pulp stem cells (DPSC) through their ability to differentiate into functional vascular endothelial cells (EC) and /or pericytes. This differentiation appears to be highly dependent on the microenvironment including surrounding cells and their secretome, the extracellular matrix stiffness, degradation and microporosity. This differentiation capacity has a high impact on angiogenesis under pathological conditions as well as during the regeneration processes.
In this symposium, speakers will:
1) Illustrate the synergistic effect of DPSCs and ECs on vascularization in pulp regeneration, how EC chemokines or DPSCs/ECs cell-cell contact regulate DPSCs pericyte-like functionality and vessel assembly by DPSCs/ECs on matrigel co-cultures and in vivo.
2) Demonstrate the ability of these DPSC-derived vessels to establish anastomosis with existing vasculature.
3) Report on the development of novel regenerative endodontic biomaterials that allow for chair-side manipulation of pre-vascularized 3D cell micro environments with short-term translation potential.
4) Discuss standardized conditions for safe and efficient clinical-grade expansion of dental pulp stem cells, as a decisive milestone for bridging the gap between research models and clinical application; and the impact of these conditions on the angiogenic and «stemness» properties of these cells.

Learning Objectives:

  • To discuss the state-of-the-science on the mechanisms underlying the differentiation of dental pulp stem cells into functional blood vessels and the interaction between DPSCs and endothelial cells during postnatal vascular remodeling and maturation
  • To describe and discuss the effect of critical microenvironmental factors contributing to regeneration of pericyte supported blood capillaries in the dental pulp.
  • To discuss the state-of-the-science on the translational pathway “from bench into clinic” of tissue engineering-based approaches aiming at dental pulp regeneration/revascularization.
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