Title: 1106 - Internal Adaptions of Fixed Partial Dentures Obtained From Different Digital Impressions


Ala Ali (Presenter)
Tufts University

Russell Giordano, Boston University
Richard POBER, Boston University


Objectives: The purpose of this study was to test the accuracy of axial and occlusal adaptations of final restoration fabricated using five digital and one conventional dental impression systems.

Methods: Material and Methods: A three-unit bridge model was designed to be used as a reference model. Dental impressions (n=5) from four different digital impression systems (CEREC, E4D, Lava C.O.S, 3Shape, iTero) and one conventional impression systems (Polyether) were made. Master models of the digital impressions were printed out according to the manufacturer recommendations and for the conventional impression group, the master models were poured out of type IV dental stone. Final restorations were fabricated using CAD/CAM technology on the produced master models. The final restorations were tested for axial and occlusal adaptation on the reference model using cement replica technique.

Results: Results: Axial adaptations (µm) were as follow 3Shape 253(13), CEREC 249(15), E4D 287(29), Stone 222(13), Lava 195(23), and iTero 234(20), one way ANOVA test was significant (P≤0.001). The occlusal adaptations (µm) were as follow Lava 236(19), iTero 313(12), 3Shape 332(52), CEREC 314(25), E4D 392(32), and Stone 353 (52), one way ANOVA test was significant (P≤0.001). The correlations between axial and occlusal adaptations were positive for all the comparisons.

Conclusions: Conclusions: Within the limitations of this study the following conclusions were drawn: There is a statistically significant difference between the axial and occlusal adaptation of the tested systems.

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