Presentation Blocks: 03-22-2018 - Thursday - 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

Title: A Clickable Odontogram in REDCap Captures Tooth and Surface-level Data


Bas DeVeer, University of Washington
Brian Leroux, University of Washington
Jennifer Liu (Presenter)
Seattle Children's Research Institute

Amy Kim, University of Washington
Ana Lucia Seminario, University of Washington
Lisa Heaton, University of Washington
Elizabeth Palmer, Oregon Health Sciences University
Christy McKinney, University of Washington


Objectives: REDCap is a widely used secure web application for managing research study data with over 450,000 projects and 600,000 users worldwide. Capturing tooth and surface-level information from dental studies using REDCap has been laborious, and visually delinked from how tooth and surface level data is typically recorded in clinical practice. We aimed to create a user-friendly, simple, clickable odontogram in REDCap that better mirrors how this data is clinically recorded.

Methods: Our team included a bioinformatician, clinical researcher, pediatric and general dentists, biostatistician, graphic designer, and research assistants. We delineated functional and pictorial specifications of the REDCap odontogram. We generated a series of iterative graphics to optimize its look and utility. We created tooth and surface level odontograms with permanent and deciduous dentition. We made teeth and surfaces clickable in REDCap and created instructions for use. We entered surface-level dental treatment data from paper case report forms for 137 patients into a REDCap odontogram and a traditional REDCap instrument employing dropdowns and checkboxes corresponding to teeth, surfaces, and materials. We estimated the correlation between the two methods of data entry at the surface level for dental restorations and sealants.

Results: We created an odontogram for REDCap (see example in Figure 1). The REDCap odontogram and variable-based data entry methods were highly correlated for dental restorations and sealants (both correlations=0.99). REDCap odontograms and instructions are free and available upon request to the authors.

Conclusions: Our REDCap odontogram is a new, simple, user-friendly tool to facilitate the entry of tooth and surface level data. Because it is visually similar to how clinical data are captured, this tool facilitates data entry of tooth and surface-level data for research. The REDCap odontogram can be used on a desktop or tablet in real-time and is a useful tool for dental researchers.