Presentation Blocks: 03-24-2018 - Saturday - 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

Title: Practitioner Participation in National Dental PBRN Studies: 12-year Results


Rahma Mungia, University of Texas Health San Antonio
Ellen Funkhouser, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Meredith Buchberg, University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio
Rachel Cohen, Westat
David Cochran (Presenter)
University of Texas Health San Antonio

Sonia Makhija, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Stephanie Reyes, University of Texas Health San Antonio
Cyril Meyerowitz, University of Rochester/Eastman Institute for Oral Health
Donald Rindal, HealthPartners
Jeffrey Fellows, Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research
Valeria Gordan, University of Florida
Gregg Gilbert, University of Alabama at Birmingham


Objectives: The objective was to examine practitioner participation in three main network activities (survey study, clinical study and practitioner meetings) in the National Dental Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN; Past literature describes facilitators and barriers to initial participation in a PBRN. However, little information exists about practitioners’ long-term participation in PBRNs.

Methods: The network conducted a retrospective analysis of practitioner participation in three main network activities during 2005-2017. We included for analysis those who completed an enrollment questionnaire, practiced in the U.S., attended a network meeting and were eligible to complete a survey or clinical study. A study was included if it was a questionnaire study, or a clinical study and baseline data collection and processing were completed by July 15, 2017. Three clinical studies had follow-up components which were not counted as separate studies. Counts and frequencies were obtained from study databases and meeting attendance records.

Results: The network Implemented 38 studies (28 clinical and 10 questionnaire), 23 of which (15 clinical and 8 survey) met the criteria for the current analysis. Included are 3,669 practitioners of which 86% (N=3,148) participated in at least one network activity from 2005-2017. Survey studies had the highest rate with 81% (N=2,963) completing at least one, 21% (N=762) completed at least one clinical study and 19% (N=700) attended at least one network meeting. Among 1,578 practitioners enrolled in the first five years of the Network launch, 20% (N=320) have been actively participating in network activities for 5-9 years, and 14% (N= 238) for 10-12 years.

Conclusions: The network has engaged practitioners in its research activities with relatively high participation rates over a 12-year period. Support: U19-DE-22516.