Presentation Blocks: 03-24-2018 - Saturday - 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

Title: Examination of Trends in Pediatric Dental Treatment


Daniel Townsend (Presenter)
University of North Carolina

Claudia Azevedo, School of Dentistry - UFRGS
Jonas Rodrigues, School of Dentistry - UFRGS
Andrea Ferreira Zandona, University of North Carolina


Objectives: Determine the impact of radiographs on treatment decision making on caries management in primary teeth.

Methods: Participants are presented with two series of 10 clinical cases, with varying degrees of severity stages of dental caries on primary teeth and provided a bank of non-invasive and invasive treatment options via Qualtrics survey. For each case participants were allowed to select one or more non-invasive intervention that ranged from no-treatment to fluoride and sealants. In addition, participants could select no invasive intervention(s) or select one of the invasive intervention options, which ranged from filling to crown and extraction. The first series contained only clinical images, while the second series contained the corresponding radiographs.

Results: The survey was sent to UNC School of Dentistry faculty and private practice clinicians in the surrounding area. Response rate was 9%. After the first request 29 responses were completed. Qualified responses (providers that treat children) (N=18) were mostly UNC faculty. When radiographs were available participants selected more non-invasive interventions in 50% of the cases, and more invasive interventions in 70% of the cases. Although these preliminary results indicate a trend to select invasive intervention options when the radiographs were available, it was not statistically significant.

Conclusions: This preliminary data indicates that the degree of agreement before and after radiograph presentation may suggest that more invasive interventions are selected when radiographs are available.