Presentation Blocks: 03-23-2018 - Friday - 03:45 PM - 05:00 PM

Title: Exploring Role of Bacillus subtilis in Enzymatic Celiac Disease Treatment


Jessica Collins (Presenter)
Boston University

Eva Helmerhorst, Boston University
Guoxian Wei, Boston University
Ghassan Darwish, Boston University


Objectives: For patients with celiac disease, the ingestion of dietary gluten leads to a T-cell response that damages the small intestine and negatively affects their ability to absorb nutrients. The only successful treatment currently available is total elimination of gluten from the diet. This treatment places a financial and social burden on individuals with this condition. Current explorations include the investigation of Bacillus subtilis as a contributor to enzymatic treatment of celiac disease. The aim of our experiment was to compare the activity of a B. subtilis strain with an enzyme knockout to the wild type.

Methods: The wild type and knockout were isolated and analyzed on a gliadin zymogram for comparison of degradation activity. Additionally, they were added to a subtilisin subtrate (AAPF) to observe levels of enzymatic acitviity.

Results: When compared to the wild type, the knockout showed decreased degradation of substrate on a gliadin zymogram. The absorbance readings following addition to AAPF showed decreased enzymatic activity in the knockout, supporting the idea that the enzymes knocked out are involved in gluten degradation.

Conclusions: This result indicates that this model is suitable for future cloning and expression of the enzyme of interest.


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