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Title: Effect of Two Disclosing Solutions on Bacteria of Dental Plaque


Raydolfo Aprecio (Presenter)
Loma Linda University

Zhe Zhong, Loma Linda University
Wu Zhang, Loma Linda University
Sean Lee, Loma Linda University
Alaina Piper, Loma Linda University
Mary Campbell-Beachler, Loma Linda University
Yiming Li, Loma Linda University


Objectives: Various dental plaque disclosing solutions have been used in clinical research for visual index scoring. It is important to know whether the disclosing solutions will affect the microflora in the plaque. The objective of the study was to evaluate the effect of commercially available disclosing solutions on dental plaque bacterial viability.

Methods: The study was approved by the Institutional Review Board. Subjects were required not to brush their teeth the night before and the morning of the clinic exams as well as not to eat and drink for 4 hours prior to the sample collection. Red-Cote (Sunstar America, Inc, Schaumburg, IL) and 2Tone (Young, Earth City, MO) disclosing solutions were applied for one minute in the adjacent tooth sites. Dental plaque samples were collected prior to and after the application of the disclosing solution using curettes and were transferred to collection tubes. Collected dental plaque samples were plated by WASP2 (Microbiology International, Frederick, MD) on TSA blood agar and Brucella agar. The plates were incubated aerobically and anaerobically at 37oC for 24 to 48 hours. Colonies were counted using ProtoCOL HR System (Microbiology International, Frederick, MD) to determine the total aerobic and anaerobic colony forming unit counts. Student t-test was utilized to detect the difference of bacterial viability before and after the Red-Cote and 2Tone application.

Results: Red-Cote reduced aerobic bacterial colonies by 79% compared to 64% by 2Tone (p<0.05). The anaerobes were reduced to 72 % for the Red-Cote and 73% for the 2Tone (p>0.05).

Conclusions: Both Red-Cote and 2Tone disclosing solutions significantly reduced the bacterial viability of dental plaque. Considerations need to be taken for investigations which examine effects of a treatment on dental plaque microbes while using a plaque disclosing solution.


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