Presentation Blocks: 03-23-2018 - Friday - 03:45 PM - 05:00 PM

Title: Postoperative Pain Trajectories After Dental Surgery


Sharon Casey (Presenter)
New York University

Riyadh Alroomy, New York University
Abdulmajeed Alshahrani, New York University
Ramin Rahmani, New York University
Jennifer Gibbs, New York University


Objectives: To measure postoperative pain trajectories in dental surgery patients and to identify clinically relevant predictors.

Methods: In this ongoing prospective cohort study in apical or implant placement surgery subjects at NYU Dentistry, daily average pain intensity ratings are recorded during the postsurgical week. A straight line is fit to the daily pain rating, yielding two trajectory data points. The slope of the line describes the rate of pain resolution and the y-intercept describes the initial postsurgical pain intensity at time=0.

Results: To date, 32 subjects have been enrolled and postsurgical data collected on 21 patients (17 apico/4 implant). The mean initial pain intensity (y-intercept) was 3.2 (st. dev=2.7; range= (0-9.571), and 47% (8/17) of subjects experienced initial pain that was moderate or severe. The mean rate of change was -0.31 (standard deviation=0.53), suggesting that on average, pain intensity decreased after surgery. However, 18% (3/17) had positive slopes, indicating that pain was increasing. The most current results will be reported, including the role of important predictors, (surgery type, preoperative pain).

Conclusions: Careful postoperative pain monitoring and intervention when appropriate is important to pain management in surgical patients.

Acknowledgment: This study was funded by a Dean’s Award from NYU Dentistry.