Presentation Blocks: 03-22-2018 - Thursday - 03:45 PM - 05:00 PM

Title: The Effect of the Modified Kavain Compound on Inhibition of P.Gingivalis /LPS-induced TNF-Alpha Production in Human THP-1 Cells


Mansour Alasiri (Presenter)
Boston University

Erdjan Salih, Boston University
Serge Dibart, Boston University
Xiaoren Tang, Boston University


Objectives: Kavain, a compound extracted from the Kava plant, Piper Methysticum, is known to be involved in many inflammatory diseases. We are interested in the mechanism of Kavain in P.g/LPS-induced TNF-alpha production. We also want to modify the chemical structure of Kavain so that allow Kavain to be more effectively suppresses TNF-alpha expression.

Methods: 1. Designed and modified the chemical structure of Kavain
2. Synthesized the modified compounds of Kavain
3. Treated human THP-1 cells with the modified compounds plus LPS
4. ELISA assay.
5. Western blot.

Results: 1.Biochemical screening of Kavain modified compounds.
2.Toxicity assay.
3.Inhibition of LPS-induced TNF-Alpha by ELISA.
4.Western blot mechanism.

Conclusions: A new compound (Kav001, subunit1/2) with the modification of chemical structure of Kavain shows more effective suppression of TNF-alpha production in response to P. gingivalis /LPS stimulation.