Presentation Blocks: 03-22-2018 - Thursday - 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

Title: Consulting the Auricle: A 3D-Printed Reconstruction of the Human Auris


Hannah Liss (Presenter)
New York University

Roberto Flores, New York University
Samuel Raffaelli, New York University
Kimberly Khouri, New York University
Aiza Humayun, New York University
Lukasz Witek, New York University College of Dentistry
Paulo Coelho, New York University


Objectives: Through the implementation of 3D-Printed objects in the operating room, plastic surgeons are better able to visualize and reconstruct auricles for patients suffering from any deformity or disease. The main objective is the reconstruction of a 3D-Printed auris, as well as its deconstructed parts, that will aid in the visualization and sculpting of a pinnae from rib cartilage. While 3D-printed guides for auricular reconstruction, such as the VSP® Microtia template, are currently on the market, they are not customizable. This study was designed in order to create a unique guide that would aesthetically mimic a patient’s native ear.

Methods: The creation of the 3D-print began with a 3D-photograph taken of the patient’s cephalic region. The digitized 3D-photograph was then imported to Blender™. In Blender™, the unaffected auris was isolated from the cephalon and inverted to become the contralateral ear. Due to the limitations of 3D-photography, the virtual representation of the ear lacked definitive anatomical features. Blender™ was used to sculpt and define landmarks such as the helix, anti-helix and fossa triangularis. After sculpting was completed, the helix and anti-helix, respectively, were dissected from the final ear.

Results: Printed in polylactic acid (PLA), the 3D-printed ear-shaping guides were sterilized in an autoclave and utilized during surgery. The surgeon responded with positive feedback regarding the ease with which he was able to visualize and sculpt the patient’s ear using these custom models. `

Conclusions: The 3D-printed ear-shaping guides provide an efficient and inexpensive way for surgeons to sculpt custom ears for patients.


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