Distinguished Professor of Diagnostic Sciences
Tufts University
Boston Massachusetts UNITED STATES

thena Papas is the Erling Johansen Professor of Dental Research, and the Head of the Division of Oral Medicine at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston, Mass, USA. She received her dental degree from Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. USA and her Ph.D. in Oral Biology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA . She had a pre-doctoral fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital and a post- doctoral Fellowship at Children’s Hospital. As principal investigator, Papas has led over 100 studies in the fields of geriatric dentistry, cancer, HIV, Sjögren’s Syndrome, xerostomia and medically compromised patients.

Papas’ Ph.D. thesis was the isolation and characterization of a phosphoprotein, which controls mineralization in enamel. Papas has worked in multiple areas of translational research, including medications and device therapies. Her significant accomplishments include: studies on the treatment of mucositis and caries in HSCT and radiation therapy patients, clinical trials to bring products such as Duraphat, Enamelon, Caphosol, Salagen, Pro- Health and Sensistrip to market and studies on the effects of medication on the oral cavity in order to develop treatment protocols for high risk populations.

For Sjögren’s Syndrome, she has studied the microbiome, proteome and has worked to identify a biological target for the disease. She was PI of the Prevention of Adult Caries Study, a multicenter FDA clinical trial of a chlorhexidine coating. In the past, Papas has worked with the Pearl Network on a bisphosphonate necrosis, implants and deep caries. She has conducted research on Nutrition and Oral Health and recently did mortality studies on these participants.